Ranmoor Mens 1 vs Venturers - (A) - 22/02/15

Monday night handed Ranmoor a crucial fixture in the hunt for promotion to the first division of Sheffield Badminton. A three horsed race is fast developing for the 2 promotion spots between Ranmoor, Venturers and Abbeydale. With the latter having all but confirmed promotion after putting our their feathers players against us a few weeks back, second place is now down to us and our opponents for the night.

Ranmoor managed a 6-3 win away earlier in the season with both teams having a few people stepping up, so it was different teams all round as both managed a full compliment of nominated players.

The first pair of Venturers proved very strong and knocked Rich and Steve off to 19 and 15. On the other court meanwhile were Sam and Mark, positive as always in their start, winning to 11. Following an all too similar pattern they then abandoned their skills for a few moments, losing their second end to 9. Pulling themselves together for a third end they managed to take it to 16 and get Ranmoor off the mark. Next up were Arun and Prithvi to complete the first round of games. They came out strong and won to 14 and 15 with some great movement and ability to find the gaps, despite Pete from Venturers being a very crafty shot player and playing some excellent winners. 2-1 Ranmoor.

Round 2 began with Sam and Mark taking on the first pair, going down 16 and 16 in valiant effort against a real quality pair. Arun and Prithvi were next on and won their first end to 16 before going down to 18 in the second. An incredibly close third end saw 20-20 come up, before our guys took the initiative and won 22-20. Great grit from our pair to pull it out when needed. Steve and Rich meanwhile were also having a ding dong three ender. Having lost their first end to 16 due to a few too many errors, they cut them out in the second end and took it to 14. The third end was to be as tighter end as we have seen this year with just a few points in it all the way. 20-20 came up and so did 22-22. Rich managed to find it within him to serve wide of the T at 22 all but then quickly made up for it with a devastating smash winner to keep the boys in it. 23-23. it continued to be touch and go and 24-24 came up with both pairs giving it everything. Some great pick ups from Steve kept us in the points and few winners from both Rich and Steve saw our guys come through 26-24! A phenomenal one to win and another third end set point win for Ranmoor on the night. 4-2 Ranmoor and one needed from the last round of 3.

Arun and Prithvi took on the undefeated first pair and managed 18 and 17 in a passionate and close game. Rich and Steve nicked their first end to 19 before taking command and coming home in the second to 11, giving Ranmoor their winning end. Sam and Mark completed the match with another win to 10 and 14 agains the third pair and gave us a 6-3, matching our away result.

Fantastic performance from our guys and thanks to all who played. Thanks as well to the support from Rich J, Dave and Clive who were down on the night. The night was topped off with the victory song in Sam’s car on the way home.