Ladies v Abbeydale 2 (H) - 9/2/15

Having played alot of the top teams in our division and coming home empty handed we hosted Abbeydale 2 at Ecclesfield. With a team of Cat & Cindy, Jane & Helen and Karen & Lesley we were in a good mood hoping to get some points. 
With a rousing text from me as Captain making sure that Helen 'concentrated' (as she did Sat night), we knew we were up for it. That was until Cat's knee flared up and I decided to clonk myself on the head with an iron bar at Parkour in Endcliffe Park 2 hours before match time.

But having played Abbeydale 2 in the second division we knew they were no walk over. So the games began on 3 courts. With support from Sam, Dave H, Mick, Sarah, Jen and Shiraz. 

Cat and Cindy (aided by the deep heat) dispatched the best pair very efficiently as did Lesley & Karen. Jane and Helen narrowly lost out in 3 ends. The second round of games saw Jane & Helen getting their monies worth again but this time coming out very much on top. Lesley & Karen mopped up nicely too. 4-1 so far, so good.

Cat & Cindy then got lulled into false sense of security and had a little rest as they went 21-19 down before thundering back 21-6 then 21-8.  With Jane and Helen on again they made short work of their pair and despatched them to 16 and 17  the match was won!  Woo hoo!  

Final game went to three ends as Karen and Lesley started out on top but lost out as we played to a splendid audience.  Great games and played in a friendly spirit.  Final score 7-2.  Big thank you to everyone who played!  We all did really well.  

Lesley K