Comb 1 v Venturers (A) - 22/2/15

A return fixture in less than seven days saw Comb 1 head to Chesterfield to play Venturers. With a disappointing performance at home we needed to play better.

With Helen struggling to park Matt's Hummer we wondered about switching the line up, but in the end we stuck with Helen as No. 1 with Mark D.  So Helen & Lesley and Mark and Sam kicked off the level doubles.  Special mention to Helen's Mum up in Boston Spa as I know she reads these. Helen played great and her and Lesley took the point in 3 ends!  Mark and Sam were not so lucky.

Next up Helen & Karen and Mark & Rich. This time it was a bit tougher for our pairs and we went down 3-1.

Kicking off the mixed we really needed to did deep. And dig deep we did!  Woo hoo. Helen and Mark shot out the blocks and tidied up their game very quickly as did Karen & Rich and Lesley & Sam. 4-3 to us and two mixed games left. Rich and Karen were back on form and despatched their pair easily.  Lesley and Sam decided to have 3 games as Sam needed to dig deep!  Dig deep he did and we swept the last game up to 11. 

Well done to everyone. A great win. Good luck to Mens 1 tonight as they take on Venturers again at home!  Hello again to Mrs James. Hope you enjoy these reports!