Mens 1 vs Nomads - (A) - 14/1/15

A mid week away fixture saw our mens first team pitted against Nomads. With Prithvi absent, Mark D stepped in to play with Arun at number 3.

Rich and Steve were first on and won their opening end to a comfortable 14. As the opponents got up to speed and used their fast hall to their advantage, our boys lost the second end to 11 before going down 22-20 in the third end. 1-0 Nomads. Sam and Mark had no such trouble, winning to 7 and 8 in a clinical display. Arun and Mark has an absolute war in their first game, winning 24-22 22-20! Great effort from our guys to find a win in both ends.

Round 2 saw Rich and Steve get back to winning way, to 19 and 12, whilst Sam and Mark notched up win number 2 in straight ends, the second to 5! Arun and Mark rounded the match off in the second round with a win to 15 and 16. 5-1 Ranmoor.

Final round of matches was another clean sweep for us, with all 3 pairs coming through in straight ends. A great bounce back from our Abbeydale fixture with an 8-1 win and some more points on the board. Thanks to mark for stepping in and even more for taking all 3!