Mens 1 vs The Drone - (H) - 19/1/15

Monday night bought mens 1 back for a home fixture, after a mid week away win. This time they were facing the promoted men of the Drone. With the hall even colder than normal, everyone was struggling to get going. Steve and Rich managed to hack their way through the first match to 17 and 17 whilst Sam and Mark went down 22-20 21-14, with Mark struggling with an injury that would play a role later in the night. Arun was again playing with Mark D in Prithvi's absence and got off to a comfortable start, winning 14 and 10. 2-1 Ranmoor.

Round 2 saw Sam and Mark battle to a win 25-23 and 21-19, showing some real grit, especially with Mark finding it hard to get round the court. Arun and Mark D won in 2 ends, as did Rich and Steve. A flawless second round gave us a 5-1 lead and the win guaranteed.

Final round go games saw Sam and Mark need to concede theirs, giving Drone a second rubber. Both other pairs went out and won well in 2 ends, another 3 out of 3 for Arun and Mark, and the same result for Steve and Rich. Thanks again to Mark D for coming in and to Mark S for getting us some points despite injury. Another good win for our Mens 1 team, could a promotion push be on the cards and a trip straight back to the top division? Watch this space.