Ladies v Abbeydale 1 (H) - 26/1/15

 Jane and Helen, Karen and Claire, Lesley and Sarah all turned out on a cold Monday night for a re-aaranged fixture with top scoring ladies Abbeydale 1.  It was always going to be a tough one as we pitched our best skills against a team that thrive on consistency.  

Kicking off on three courts Claire and Karen battled to 13 and then 19 but couldn't quite get the edge.  Equally a valiant team performance from Jane and Helen led them to 18 and 13 but again it was tough to get the points.  Lesley and Sarah faired only marginally better managing to sneak an end before succumbing 19-21, 23-21, 19-21.  

The next set of games got all out of ordered as Lesley and Sarah dragged their heels.  So again Claire and Karen battled hard but couldn't unlock the opposition.  Jane and Helen were starting to find some form though as the final end proved but again Abbeydale took the spoils.  And Sarah and Lesley went on 'holiday' as their energies faded and scoring plummeted! 

With only pride to play for the final set of games saw Helen and Jane find their stride and take a well deserved end.  Karen unfortunately found the wall so that didn't help.  Lesley and Sarah were still enjoying themselves but finding nothing like the form of the first game.

Thank you to all the ladies for playing.  Well played to Jane and Helen who deserve the kudos of this match.  Lets hope they can take it forward as we take on Beaverhill and then Abbeydale 2 in February.

Lesley K