Combined 1 v Abbeydale Pk 1 - (A) - 4/1/15

First Sunday in 2015 and the first match of the New Year. Combined 1 were playing Abbeydale. Turning up for the match 45 minutes early gave the team the opportunity to acclimatise to the thin air Abbeydale has to offer.

The match started well with Sam and Mark taking a see-saw game, while Karen and Rich won the first of their mixed. The ladies, Lesley and Helen, unfortunately struggled, loosing in two. 2 - 1 Ranmoor. Next set of games saw Rich and Mark speed through two games to love, the ladies, Karen and Helen, missed out in two tight games while Lesley and Sam scrapped but lost.

Here we go, half time, and what does Abbeydale have to offer. Two vending machines and a rusty cold tap. Morale severely dented and sugar levels low, we got back to the matter in hand. Karen and Rich won in two, Sam and Lesley missed out leaving the match poised at 4 - 4. Down to the last couple. Helen and Mark won the first end, though it was a struggle. Second end was a loss and the decider was nip and tuck but, not to be, the Ranmoor couple lost by a couple of points.

So there we have it, a match we should have won slipped away. Conclusion: never play a match until the Christmas tree has been taken down and the pud has left the system.