Mens 2 v Paces 2 - (A) - 20/11/14

A much changed side took the trip up to Yewlands school to play the return fixture against old friends Paces. The revised side was captained by Dave W who played with Ben (bravely stepping in just over a month before his cruciate operation), regular pair Rob & Rich J were again together and the third pair saw the return of Mick to partner Shiraz.

The first games got underway with Shiraz & Mick taking time to adapt to the opposition and surroundings whilst they lost 21-9 before battling much harder to narrowly lose out to 20 in the second end. On the other court Rich & Rob were again battling against the first pair (who they had run close in the home match) and again battled hard to win the first end to 15 before losing out to 19 & then 18 in the decider. The third game of the first round saw Dave & Ben (playing a match for the first time together) lose out in the first end to 19 before battling back to win 23-21 & 21-17 in the decider.

Rich & Rob took back to the court against the second pair and won the first end to 18 before the opponents battled back to win the second to 14. In the decider though our boys rallied to win to 18 again. Shiraz & Mick were again taking a game to warm up against the third pair in losing to 10 & 15. In the final match of this round Dave W & Ben played a up and down match against the first pair with a win to 12 being followed by a loss to 12 and a final end being nip and tuck all the way until a win to 18.

IN the final round of games Rich & Rob won out in two tight ends against the third end to 19 & 22. Shiraz & Mick had now warmed up sufficiently but could not quite get the better of the strong first pair in losing out to 20 & 15. So the match was tied at 4-4 with Dave W & Ben to play the final end against the second pair.

The first end got off to a poor start with a 5-0 deficit before out boys rallied but could not quite catch up in losing out to 18. On to the second end and the recovery continued with a win to 18. Poor old Ben (only stepping in on the day and struggling with his knee) now had to play his ninth end of the night and it was starting to tell as his knee became less mobile and we struggled to influence points as much. In the end this told as the opposition came back from 10-5 down to win to 16.

A tight 5-4 defeat showed that we still have plenty of potential as a side but need to start turning narrow defeats into victories.