Mens 1 v Abbeydale - (A) - 12/11/14

The second match of the season for Men’s 1 was a trip to Abbeydale to face what would likely be a tough team, especially on their home turf.

Steve was the only nominated player absent with Shiraz deputing and debuting for the first team, stepping up to partner Rich. Playing at number 1, they kicked things off and played the best pair of Abbeydale.  Our boys were able to take the first end to 17 but lost out in 3 ends to 15 and 17 as their top pair got really into their stride. Sam and Mark got off to winning ways in their first end to 17 but again lost in 3 to 8 and 16 against old ally Simon and his partner Siva. Arun and Prithvi got us off the mark winning to 13 and 17 in the final match up of the first round. 2-1 Abbeydale.

Rich and Shiraz then beat Mark and Sam’s first round conquerors to 15 and 18 in a close game with some 50 shot rallies in the second end, just having enough quality to win the crucial points and take it. Mark and Sam got us a comfortable win to 8 and 16 whilst Arun and Prithvi lost out to the opponents top pair, putting up a good fight and getting 14 and 18. All square, 3-3.

Final round, Sam and Mark fought admirably but lost out to the top pair to 23-21 and 21-19 in a match that could have gone either way. Rich and Shiraz played the third pair looking to make it 4-4 and take it to a decider. Shiraz however suffered from some serious cramp and had to take a break on court during the early stages. After a while he was able to continue but Abbeydale had claimed the concession and taken the point and the match. Prithvi and Arun went on to win the final rubber in what would have been the decider had Rich and Shiraz gone on to win as expected in theirs.

A contentious end to the match which is still up in the air in terms of a result with both teams unable to agree a final score following the injury/conceding issue. We will keep you updated with the decision of the committee on who takes the points! Well played to Shiraz for stepping up and to everyone who played, we can take them at ours!