Ladies v Beaverhill - (H) - 17/11/14

In their third match of the season, Ranmoor Ladies faced Beaverhill at home.  With Captain Lesley absent, the team consisted of Karen & Helen, Cat & Cindy and Claire & Sarah.

Karen and Helen proved that Ranmoor can win 3-enders, with a closely fought 24-22, 17-21 and 21-19 win. Sarah and Claire took their first point too, winning to 17 and 18. With the oppositions sixth lady stuck running late, we played out of order, so Cat and Cindy played the second pair next and after a tight 25-23 game, beat them comfortably to 10 to take the third point.

Sarah and Claire played the strong first pair next, also going to 3 ends, but sadly losing out despite pushing them all the way. Cat and Cindy then played the third pair, beating them to 16 both times.  Karen and Helen had another game to three ends, this time losing out despite winning the first end to 8!

Cat and Cindy took on the opposition’s first pair in their final match of the night – and they gave them another 3 ender meaning they’d played 9 ends in the evening! But unfortunately they lost out, 9-21, 21-18, 14-21. 4-3 to Ranmoor with 2 to go……

Karen and Helen finished the night with a win against their second pair, to 11 and 10, to seal the win. Sarah and Claire could go into the last game in the knowledge the match was won, but still retained focus to win a closely fought game to 19 and 19.

Well played Ladies – excellent to get a first win under our belts and some points on the board!