Mens 2 vs Jaguar 1 (H) - 6/10/14

Wow !!

What a start to Mens 2 campaign. With a new look team, our  first match was at home against our old
friends Jaguar 1 (last years Jaguar 2).

Always a close match, this was no exception.

As support pairing 3, big Dave and I set about trying to wear out the opposition by staying on court as long as we could, taking as many points as we could without actually winning a rubber. Quite an achievement I think !!

With Jaguar champing at the bit as usual, first up were new pair Ravi and Shiraz. Having lost the first to 18, they bounced back to take the next two quite comfortably to 15 and 15. At the same time, Rich and Rob playing second pair were taking their first game to 18 and losing their second game to 14. Oh well, par for the course. What happened next though, saw Rich and Rob playing with new confidence and dictating  the play. I saw some set up shots and a lot more of the court in use. There was some rotation and some great finishes. I wasn't surprised therefore when they came out winners 21-18

Not outclassed, but outplayed, Dave and I went down 13-21, 21-18, 16-21.

2-1 up after 3 - Good start.

Straight back on, Rich and Rob dispatched the first pair to 16 and 10. Wow again

Going out of turn whilst I wasn't looking, Ravi and Shiraz lost game 8  to 15 and 15.

Dave and I then went out of turn and in a very tight match went down 21-23 and 18-21 in game 7

3-3 after 6

In a hurry to end the game before Ravi's  knee gave out, Ravi and Shiraz played a great game, winning to 16 and 17 to put us 4-3 up after 7

Thinking it might be nice to nip in and win one at this stage and take the match, Dave and started game 5  and won the first fairly easily to 16. With a change of tactics though, Jaguar took the next to 12 with Dave and I struggling to adapt our game to the new tactics.
We couldn't make the win though and lost the third end to 17

4-4 after 8

Hmmm, been here before. Rich and Rob to take game 9 for the win. What odds would I have got at this stage ??

They sneaked the first 24-22 . Could it be ??

They lost the second 15-21. Oh well !!

But with their new found confidence and a great deal  of pressure (I mentioned to Richard they needed it for the match), they took the third  to 15 amidst much cheering and high 5's all round.

Men of the match of course

Only just out-doing Ravi and Shiraz with their 2.

In a bid to win something, I can confirm that Dave and I played the most points on the night (304). Rich and rob (299) and Ravi and Shiraz (258)

Great win team. Thanks to Jaguar, they lost (just) but the match was played in great spirit and we all had a good night. Thanks to Men's 1 team for their support and congratulations on your win.

Four out of four so far this season