Combined 2 vs Wisewood 1 (H) - 20/10/14

Match 3 for combined 2 and a return to our original ladies and welcome returns for Pritvi and Arun with Shiraz and Sarah ever present this season. A slight change to the running order saw Arun play Man 1 to enable him to resume his partnership with Pritvi for one match.

As I suspected was the case,  our ladies had the edge and took their 2 level ladies matches everybody playing really well with Sarah being outstanding.

The men had a tough time against 3 strong men and Pritvi and Arun came close in a tense 3 set match but just came short. Aparna and Shiraz ended the night with a great win in 3.
In the end  3-6  defeat with  2 matches going to 3 sets - about 9 points the difference between winning the night and losing - an outstanding turnaround from our 0-9 drubbing last week. Much to be pleased about and lots of lessons learned by playing an experienced side. Excellent performances from the ladies. 100 % commitment as always from the men. Good to get a tough match done!