Combined 1 v Paces (A) - 23/10/14

Two matches in a week for Ranmoor Combi 1. This time we visited deepest, darkest Parsons Cross to play Paces. The Burgundy and Navy Blue wizards team consisted of Lesley, Karen, Sarah, Rich, Sam and Mark.

Paces have 3 courts, so first on was Sarah (1st lady) with Karen, Mark (1st man) with Rich and on the end court, Lesley with Sam. It was obvious from the knock ups that it was going to be a difficult night. The shuttles (sponsored by Tupperware) were fast and it was difficult to keep the things in court. 

Anyway, back to the games. The ladies played a tough game, loosing in two, the men won in two, while Lesley and Sam fought out 3 tough games winning in three. Lesley's exit from the court was like a conquering gladiator, pumped but smiling. Next up, another round of ladies and mens while Karen and Rich played their first mixed. Sarah and Lesley fought well but lost in 2, Mark and Sam took it close in the first but won the second with ease, a win to the men, Karen and Rich fought out a toughie, losing the first, winning the second and losing out on the third end. Match update, Paces 3, Ranmoor 3. 

No cakes at this match, but luckily Sam brought a pack of Jaffa Cakes, the perfect energy food.

Last 3 games were all mixed. Sam and Lesley lost out to Paces best pair. Sarah, who mentioned she wasn't playing well, partnered Mark. Both games were dominated by Sarah who smashed and bashed the pair to a 2 game win. Finally on court was Mr W and the soon to be Mrs W. It was the match decider. They were tight games, but it wasn't to be for the pair who lost in 2. 

So there we go, a loss for Ranmoor Combi 1 in deepest, darkest Parsons Cross.
Conclusion: We all looked really smart in our Ranmoor shirts.