Combined 1 v Broomgrove 1 (H) - 21/10/14

Second match in for Ranmoor Combi 1 saw the visit of last years league champs, Broomgrove. The first mens started well with Rich (playing first man) and Mark taking the first game of three. Broomgroves pairing of Adam and Steve were not finished and came back to win the second game. Third end was toughly contested with Broomgrove winning by 21 to 19. The second mens pairing of Rich and Sam went almost the same way with our men losing the third end 22 to 20.

What could the ladies do. The first match pitted Helen and Karen against Broomgroves strong pairing of Eliza and Hannah. It wasn't all one sided, but our girls lost out in two games 16-21 and 13-21. Next on court was Lesley and Helen. Both ladies were up for a fight and that's what the Broomgrove pairing of Hannah and Sam got. The Broomgrove ladies won the first end but back came our pair, and with a combination of determination and Helen's 'Mr Tickle' reach, they won the second game 22 - 20 and the third 21 -13. Well done ladies.
It's 3-1 to Broomgrove at half time. The cake tins were opened and there resplendent in there caketisity was Sam's Mums finest offering of cake and flap jack. Thanks Sam's Mum they were orgasmic.

Second half started. Karen and Mark missed out in 2 as did Lesley and our Sam. Then, back on court was Helen, full of confidence and in no mood to loose, partnered by Rich. Both games were dominated by our paring who came out worthy winners against Hannah and Steve. The final two mixed went the way of the other two, with Ranmoor loosing in two straight games.

Final score, Ranmoor 2, Broomgrove 7. The score looks far apart but could have been so much closer, just a couple of points from a 4-5. Ranmoor can take a lot of heart from this match and hopefully learn something that may help in future matches.

In conclusion: must ask Mrs Ollerenshaw to spike the oppositions flap jack with laxative. Yes they will move fast but not on court. Well done everyone.

Broomgrove Combined 1 Team