Combined 2 vs Wisewood 2 (H) - 29/9/14

The new season started with a team of newbies against our great rivals a Wisewood 2. Debuts for Aparna and Sarah. Great thanks to Claire for playing with an injury and also to Chee who stepped in despite a shoulder injury when I got injured on Friday. Also thanks to Pritvi who played despite having a bug and a high fever. He played on condition that he could stop if blood started coming from his ears which seemed reasonable. Aparna played with Chee and Pritvi with experienced Claire. Sarah and Shiraz played the awkward 1st lady and 1st man and did great. Outstanding performances from Aparna at the net despite having played few games back and great smashing from Sarah. Great movement from everybody particularly Shiraz. Very solid work from Pritvi, Claire and Chee despite not being fully fit.Overall everybody played really well and all the games were great to watch. The 8-1 score said much more about our all round excellence than it did about the opposition. Wisewood came with 3 solid men and 2 solid ladies and the matches were more competitive than the scorelines suggested. Congratulations to Shireen and her team who were friendly and gracious on what must have been a tough night for them. Good to get the season off to a winning start