Mens 2 v Beaverhill (H) - 28/4/14

Mens 2 decided to continue to break all records on Monday at Ecclesfield. We are on track along with Mens 1 for a 100% record this season, unfortunately it is 100% defeats but who is quibbling? It was very kind of Mens 1 captain Sam to concede his final fixture (even though winning it could have kept him up) just to make us feel better! We are left with alternative targets now, and more rubbers than Mens 1 is one of them!! We’re a competitive bunch at Ranmoor!
On the subject of Sam, he is probably the only member of the League who had a tractor fall on him this week, and a 3 out of 3 record for Combined 1 despite at least two broken bones may have helped keep Combined 1 in the top division, so kudos to him!
Anyway, back to records. Despite the amazing achievement of both sides getting 6 players out (both sides really struggled to, and we were without 7 players who would have played if any one of them had been able to) this match probably broke all records for the quickest 9 games in the history of badminton. The whole thing was wrapped up in 90 minutes.
Steve and Rich dispatched two pairs with the minimum of fuss, not at their best with some unforced errors but still had correct tactics and were never in danger of losing an end. We had high hopes for Ravi and Rob as a pair and the men of the match for Ranmoor did not disappoint beating the same two pairs with even more ease, dropping just 28 points in 4 ends.
Unfortunately now it is Beaver Hill’s turn to win some quick rubbers. The Pinders were in the mood as usual and they hoovered up all three rubbers in quick style. We were fairly confident having got at least 10 points in 10 of the 12 earlier ends against them last season and this. Sadly we only added 1 to that tally. Steve and Rob taking them on first and superbly avoiding them more than a handful of winners in each end, but sadly only because of the number of errors we threw in! Ravi and Rob fared little better, and debutants George and Rahul had a “welcome to Division 3” moment. In truth though this Beaver Hill pair are a class act that even our Mens 1 pairs have struggled to beat in the past and their junior player is older and better now!
Well done to Rahul and George for playing together on debut, they didn’t manage to get over the line in any rubber, but pushed the opponents hard in one of them and nearly got the crucial point we needed to win the match. The experience will be of great benefit and that’s why we have a Mens 3 under consideration for next season, if we have enough members and court time.
A 5-4 defeat to Ranmoor. Our opponent had struggled to fulfil some fixtures and had found it necessary to concede away games to our two rivals Jaguar and Graves, which would incidentally have relegated us anyway even if we had beaten Jaguar and Beaver Hill at home. It has made the relegation battle a bit of a lottery so maybe it is lucky for our sanity that we have lost them both 5-4 rather than the reverse!
Well done to our opponents. It looks like (if my maths is correct) Graves can still pip them to survival if they beat us in 2 weeks and Abbeydale beat Beaver Hill. We’ll go strong in that game to salvage some pride, and to be fair to the Division, and we’ll see what happens to the relegation places as a result!
Steve K