Ladies v Westfield (A) - 29/3/14

On a glorious Saturday morning Ranmoor Ladies headed over to the exotic East of Sheffield to play Westfield Ladies. After arriving a little early, the girls in a relaxed mood caught up on some sun bathing by the car park before heading to the tropical sports hall.

The last meeting with Westfield was on Ranmoor’s home turf and ended with a punishing 9-0 defeat to Ranmoor. This time the score line was to prove rather different. With Westfield only being able to put out 2 pairs Ranmoor had the advantage of being 3 games up before setting foot on court.

First on were Claire and Karen who easily beat Westfield’s 2nd pair, 21-5 and 21-8. This was a good warm up game before heading back on court against the considerably tougher 1st pair. Claire and Karen showed some good attacking play; taking advantage of the oppositions’ weaknesses and starting off well taking the first end 21-15. After a few comical moments with a collapsing net they got stuck into the second game but alas it slipped away from them, 21-18. Onto a 3rd end and after a great battle, the curse of the ‘3 ends’ returned. The winning shot was a beautiful albeit gutting drop by the infamous Amy, who took the end 22-20.

Meanwhile, Cat and Cindy had had a really tight game against the first pair just losing the first end 20-22. Despite some great play by the pair and some lovely back hand drops by Cat (someone’s been practicing J ), frustratingly for them they just lost the second end 15-21. By contrast they picked off the 2nd pair 21-9, 21-9, taking the 5th game for Ranmoor and securing match victory.

But Ranmoor was not finished there. Jane and Lesley followed suit and on their debut pairing sussed out a winning style of partnership to comfortably beat the 2nd pair 21-15 and 21-10. 6-2 to Ranmoor with Jane and Lesley still to take on the might of the 1st pair. With the smiling faces of Jane’s entourage cheering them on, Lesley and Jane headed back on court and had a hard fought game taking the first end 21-18. In the second game the opposition seemed to discover a bit of energy and focus and fought back 21-7. Undeterred, Jane and Lesley regrouped and it was a drop-tastic final game with plenty of exciting rallies and shrieks of determination but alas they were slightly outclassed and the end went to Westfield 21-14.

Final score 6-3 to Ranmoor!  Well done Ladies. 

Claire E