Ladies v Beaverhill (H) - 31/3/14

After the bonus win against Westfield 2 days previously, Ranmoor Ladies were in a confident and comfortable position to take on Beaverhill at Ecclesfield. Or they would have done had Interserve not majestically cocked up the hall booking. School exams took priority over badminton but some slick negotiations by Steve meant the troop of badminton players pooling outside Ecclesfield sports hall could be accommodated at nearby Firvale School. Wacky races ensured as about 15 cars hot-wheeled out of the car park in pursuit of the new venue.

Finally, the ladies match got under away. For a second time Ranmoor were blessed with being 3 games up at the start as Beaverhill could only put out 2 pairs but they proved to be no pushovers.  Cat and Cindy started the match and after losing the first end, 17-21 fought back with grit and determination to take the second end 22-20. After a great battle the final end went Beaverhill’s way, 21-17 which in hindsight was probably fair as one of the players HAD come all the way from Hull to play. 

Meanwhile on the adjacent court Claire and Karen had a similar battle on their hands. The pair focused well to take the first end 21-18 and just lost the second end 19-21. Onto another sapping 3- ender which statistically for Claire and Karen has been their Achilles’ heel all season. Although they played well this 3-ender was to prove no different and annoyingly for the pair the game slipped away from them 15-21. 
3-enders seemed to be the theme of this match with neither Beaverhill nor Ranmoor wanting to sacrifice a defeat. Helen and Lesley enjoyed a challenging game against Beaverhill’s 2nd pair. The opposition took the first end 21-15 but Lesley and Helen dug in and took the second end 23-21. Frustratingly for them, despite their best efforts they couldn’t quite capitalise on the 3rd end and lost 12-21.

Current score 3-3 so everything to play for. Claire & Karen went back on court and fired up by their previous near win took their first end 21-18. In the very competitive second game there was some confusion over the score so Dave H came and helped us out. Alas despite some awesome rallies (which DH claimed made him lose track of the score!) Claire and Karen just lost the game 21-23. Enough was enough for this pair! The ‘3 ender’ curse HAD to be broken…. and it was, at a comfortable and well deserved score of 21-17.

At 4-3 to Ranmoor it was down to Cat and Cindy and Lesley and Helen to see who was going to be able to take Ranmoor to victory. Both pairs started brilliantly and won their 1st games. Cat and Cindy went into overdrive and despite Cindy’s discomfort in her arm took their second game 21-13. It was the match winning game and a fitting result for the pair which showed their sheer grit and determination.

Meanwhile still on court Lesley and Helen were battling it out. With some fantastic rallies, top serving by Lesley and sheer gutsy play they only just missed out taking the second game 20-22. It was a fantastic game to watch although Helen’s pre-match diet of Lasagne and chocolate was proving a bit of a concern for her. Unfortunately they just missed winning the 3rd end 17-21! One less chocolate bar next time Helen.

RANMOOR 5-4Well done ladies and thank you to Beaverhill for being so accommodating re the venue and providing us with some great games!  A special mention goes to Cindy as this was her last match of the season and what a fitting win to finish on. With consistent play despite her injury, Cindy has had a great season and played a big part in the team’s efforts to stay up in Div. 1.  We wish you all the best with the operation Cindy and hope you’ll be back playing with us soon.

Claire E