Comb 2 v Socksbridge 2 (A) - 3/4/14

With a depleted team and Captain Dave away in London, Combined 2 headed to Stocksbridge High School on a foggy evening to battle out relegation places in Division 2.  Pre-match arrangements between respective Captains Dave H and Nigel S meant we had agreed to give up all the games played by No. 1 lady so 3-0 before we started to Stocksbridge 2. 

In a cold, draughty hall with a lower than average roof the games got underway with Ravi and Prithvi against their number 1 and 2 man and Cat and Andy starting the mixed games.  With a defective Sat Nav, Ravi had arrived flustered after a delightful tour of Stocksbridge so the first game got off to a bit of a cold start losing it to 13.  But after getting warm they came back to win the second end to 18, so game on.  Unfortunately, home advantage came to the fore and Stocksbridge took the game by winning to 19. 

At 4-0 up it wasn't looking good for Ranmoor.  So with a relaxed attitude and permission to just enjoy the games Cat and Andy were winning to 19 in the first end and taking it comfortably to 15 in the second.  4-1 still advantage Stocksbridge.  Next up Andy and Ravi against No 1 and 3 man.  With Cat, Lesley and Prithvi watching, warming up and joining in Stocksbridge Club night from the sidelines it was a game not to be missed.  It was an epic three ender with the first going to Stocksbridge, the second swinging to Ranmoor in a nail biting 24-26 and the final gripping game taken by us 21-19.  Well done boys!  Amazing guts and determination and a few dives from Ravi while Andy carried on running.  At 4-2 it was starting to look interesting...albeit a long shot. 

As Ravi rested up, Lesley and Prithvi took to the stage and managed to win 21-12 and 21 -18.  Cat and Andy dispatched the same pair in and efficient manner too 21-10 and 21-12.  4-4 could we do it?  

The answer is yes we could!  In the final deciding game Lesley and Prithvi took to the stage with the whole hall watching on as time was running out.  Finding their feet in the first end they lost to 18 but after a bit of agreed strategy came back strong to win the second 21-19 and finally delivering the knockout blow after some great serving from both to nail the final end 21-16.  Woo hoo!  

An unexpected result 5-4 to Ranmoor!  Thank you to Stocksbridge for a friendly game played in very good spirit.  Well done to everyone from Ranmoor for turning out despite the treacherous driving conditions, lack of a full team and a busy fixtures schedule recently.  A special mention to Prithvi on taking 2 games in his Combined debut. 

Lesley K