Comb 1 v Paces (A) - 23/3/14

A Sunday night away match against good friends of Ranmoor matched us up against Paces.  Things got off to a hilarious start when it quickly transpired that Sam had forgotten his shoes…

Fortunately we were playing in a school so despite an offer of a spare pair just a size too large from Rich, Sam opted to sift the lost property.  He tried on some football astro trainers before settling on a delightfully stinky pair of Reebok trainers, complete with holes in the front where many GCSE students had stuck their toes through over the years.  After a quick spray of some ladies deodorant, he was ready to go…albeit sliding all over the court!

Paces fielded a strong team and were able to win their opening Men’s game against Sam and Ravi and their opening ladies game as well against Claire and Helen in 3 very close ends!  Rich and Ravi took their to 3 but missed out in the third end to 19, before Karen and Helen got Ranmoor on the board in 2 close ends.  3-1.

The mixed saw Sam and Claire and Rich and Karen both beat one of the mixed pairs, well done to S+C for winning a third end to 19 and showing some great grit.  Both pairs however lost to the other pair, Rich and Karen coming closest with 21-17 and 24-22, nearly taking it to a third end before just missing it out.  Ravi and Helen fought hard getting to 16 and 17 in a losing effort in the final game.

Well done to Paces on a 6-3 win and some great play, winning some very tight games.  Final game against Notts Northern still to come.

Rich W