Mens 1 v Broomgrove (H) - 10/3/14

Men's 1 hosted the new league champions Broomgrove on Monday night hoping to at least test them having come up short in the away match.  We had Rob & Steve playing in place of the still injured Dave & Mark so Rich & Sam once again were paired together in the hope of picking up a few rubbers.

Firstly Steve & Rob, paired together after playing together a couple of times for men's 2, managed to at least cause a few worries for the opposition pairings but unfortunately couldn't take an end.  The more experienced pairing of Dave W & Andy weren't fairing much better, coming close a couple of times to taking an end but ultimately being unsuccessful.

Sam & Rich were doing slightly better in taking both their first & second rubbers to a deciding end but unfortunately coming up short.  In the final rubber of the night they once again went to a decider, Rich not helping his cold by playing 9 ends in the night, and this time salvaged some pride by taking the game.  Overall an 8-1 defeat wasn't the hoped for result but against a strong opposition who have walked the league this season it was never going to be easy.

Two winnable games remain against PMC 2 & Uni Staff to rescue the season slightly.  Next up is our final chance of the season to sample the delightful baking of Sam's mum (what will PMC manage after a flapjack?)

Dave W