Ladies v Westfield (H) - 10/3/14

Monday night at Ecclesfield saw the Ladies team head to head with a young Westfield team with Lesley gallantly stepping in to cover a poorly Karen.  It was a dual match night with Mens 1 playing against Broomgrove, motivated by Sam's mum's tantalising coffee cake which all the ladies had their eye on!

With inside information that Broomgrove had beaten Westfield 5-4 recently, Ranmoor Ladies were in confident spirits that they could hopefully pull off a well needed win.

First on were Lesley and Helen who gave the Westfield first pair a good run for their money and stuck with them in the first end but were slightly outclassed losing 17-21,13-21.  Cat and Cindy on court next to them took their first end 22-20 despite injuries new and old.  Their second end saw them lose 12-21 but they fought back in the 3rd and only narrowly missed a victory at 19-21.

Claire and Jane up against the 3rd pair had a good first game with a narrow defeat of 21-23 in their first end but sadly failed to maintain their momentum and were defeated in the second ,14-21.

Respect to Cat for continuing to play as her recent calf injury popped it's head back up (not literally thank goodness!). Cat and Cindy valiantly played their next game but lost and sensibly conceded their 3rd game to prevent further aggravation of Cat's injury.

Back on court, Helen & Lesley had a great final game taking it to three ends and only narrowly missing a win (21-12,15-21,19-21) before Helen shot off to prepare for the dreaded Ofsted Inspectors!

Unfortunately, despite their best efforts Claire and Jane's final games ended in defeat as they were outclassed by the strong Westfield pairs. This sadly meant the final scoreline was a painful 0-9.

Well played to Westfield Ladies who marked the midway point in our Ladies fixture calendar and to all the Ranmoor Ladies for taking this defeat on the chin.  With half our matches left to play there should be a few more wins to be had.  

Next up Paces! 
Claire E