Comb 1 v Westfield (A) - 15/3/14

Saturday morning pitted Ranmoor combined 1 against Westfield away.  With Arun taking a turn at covering for Mark whilst he recovers, he and Sam set up to start proceedings.  A close first end was lost by our boys to 18 before their opponents really hit their stride winning the second to 11.  Helen and Claire were also on court just missing out to 17 in the first end before going down in straight ends to 14 in the second.

The next round of doubles saw Karen and Helen miss out to 14 and 12 against a strong pair with some really good skill, experience and obvious feather shots. Rich and Arun, taking to the court for the first time ever in a competitive manner struggled in their first end, going down to 14.  After regrouping they were able to hit back and shock their opponents to a 21-12 loss, earning a third end. The game was touch and go and turned ends 11-10 to Westfield.  A slow period with too many errors saw our boys go down to 18-15 before fighting back to 19 all!  A few long rallies were ultimately won by Westfield despite some fantastic defensive play from Arun and the third end went to them 21-19. 4-0 down after the doubles.

The mixed saw Claire and Sam miss out in both games, to 17 and 14 and then 18 and 16, but well done to them for being competitive in every end and getting plenty of points, some of them could really have gone either way at certain points and although Claire’s shots were great, they just weren’t as good as Amy’s (according to Westfield!).  Rich and Karen took their first game to 8 and 17, with a slightly tighter second end after really catching their opponents cold in the first end. In their second tie the first end was a very tight affair, with our guys just edging it 22-20 before taking absolute command in the second and sealing it 21-11.

Helen and Arun, playing together for the first time, played some great stuff and really clicked well for a first outing.  They ultimately lost out in straight ends, but well done for playing some good badminton. Westfield took the match 7-2 but we still had some great performance, and a particular thanks to Arun for playing his first combined 1 game and really stepping up with some strong badminton.  Especially considering he had a cracked rib, which he had sustained playing for Ranmoor earlier in the week I might add! Not sure diving was the best idea, especially landing on the side of your injury, but thanks for the effort!!!!  Two games left, against Paces and Notts Northern are both ones we can get a result from.

Karen G & Rich W