Mens 2 v Venturers (A) - 9/2/14

The third in a series of four successive away matches for Mens 2 saw the boys face Venturers on Sunday night. After the disappointing defeat to Jaguar in the last match, Captain Steve made 5 changes, making Deepak deputy captain for the night, giving Prithvi and Aaron their debuts, recalling Jethron and playing Arun and Shiraz in their 4th and 2nd match for the club respectively.

Venturers are going to win this division with 12 wins out of 12 games, so this was more about performance.

Shiraz and Jethron gained between 8 and 15 points in three straight end defeats.

Deepak and Aaron were put together as a bit of a raw power gamble to try to pick up a valuable rubber or two, and the boys did well despite going down in all three rubbers, losing to 16 and 18 against the first pair, winning an end against the second before going down 23-21 in the decider, and after a bad first end losing another tie break 22-20 to the third pair. Really tough luck for our guys in those last two.

Arun and Prithvi apparently hadn’t played together as much as I had previously thought, and got off to a slow start losing to 10 and 12, before taking on a reshuffled pair including Venturers best player in the first match and bouncing back from losing the second end heavily after winning the first, by storming through the third end 21-9 and winning a rubber for Ranmoor! Their third rubber was a bit of an anti climax losing to 18 and 15 which was still a great effort.

So it’s an 8-1 defeat but a valuable rubber for the team. Arun and Prithvi take the men of the match award. Not being at the game means no funny stories this time, sorry!

Steve K