Mens 2 v The Drone (A) - 12/2/14

Not content with playing one match in a week away from home to a side that will win promotion, we decided to play two. This one was against the Drone. Captain Steve changed two of the team from the Venturers match with Ravi and Rob coming in for Jethron and Aaron. He decided after the shenanigans in the home match it was probably worth leaving himself and Ben out of the team because at the moment all the pushing and shoving with the opposition is best left to the speed skating at the Olympics!

As it turns out the Drone did leave out the pair concerned and had their strongest line up available. We were hopeful of a rubber though just to help that goal difference column!

The first round of matches saw Arun and Prithvi go down to 19 and 12, Rob and Shiraz to 19 and 16, while Deepak and Ravi played a tight three ender, with a wonderful 22-20 tie break win in the third to take the rubber. That was all I wanted from tonight, but let’s be greedy and go for more!

The second round of matches saw Arun and Prithvi go down again to 16 and 13, and Rob and Shiraz to 14 and 15, with Deepak and Ravi not repeating their heroics with 14 and 14. That was the match for Drone but still lots to play for.

The third round saw Deepak and Ravi get 13 and 11, Rob and Shiraz 15 and 11. But the best was saved for last with an incredible three ender from Arun and Prithvi against the Drone captain and partner. They won a tie break 21-19 in the first, lost another 22-20 in the second, before prevailing 21-18 in a tight third to take the second rubber of the night, the first time this Drone pair have lost 2 rubbers out of 3 to our second team. Well done lads!

So this one was a 7-2 defeat and we have now lost 9 out of 9, but have three home games left against the sides in 4th, 5th and 6th. Arun and Prithvi’s second successive men of the match award (narrowly on points difference ahead of Deepak and Ravi) is well done to them! It has also turned it into a battle for the Captain’s Night Player of the Year Award (which I award purely on the stats). We’ve given games now to 12 members of the squad which will help massively for future seasons (especially if we set up a Mens 3 next season as intended), and I have a clear view in my mind now of the best six to play in the remaining games. With them being relegation deciders, mental strength and holding nerve will be key……as Baldrick may say, we have a cunning plan!

Steve K