Mens 1 v Jaguar 1 (H) - 17/2/14

Men's 1 returned to the fray in an earlier than usual Monday night match against Jaguar 1 at our alternative home venue of King Edwards.  With Dave H still out injured & Mark not yet fully recovered from his bout of pneumonia it fell to Ravi & Ben to step up as a pairing for this match.  The opposition have also lost a player from the first match with one of their regulars moving jobs so unable to play midweek.

Captain Sam, accompanied by the usual array of delicious cakes, paired himself with Rich W.  The tyro's went on first and disposed of their initial opponents in 2 tightly fought ends, with the more experienced opponents not giving them anything easily.  Ben & Ravi played the other tough pair first and unfortunately couldn't take the game despite 2 tight ends.  Reunited after a break last time out Dave W & Andy managed to notch their first win of the season with a solid straight ends win against the third pairing.

In the second round of games Sam & Rich disposed comfortably with the third pair in straight ends whilst Ben & Ravi again lost out despite some good play against the more experienced pair.  Dave W & Andy also lost out this time, unable to follow up their victory with a win against a solid pair.

The final round of games saw Rich & Sam at least pushed to a deciding end before they wrapped up all the points for the night.  Unfortunately neither Dave & Andy or Ben & Ravi managed to take victory as they both went down in straight ends.  This left another close match as a 5-4 defeat & with only 3 games to go our boys are still searching for that elusive Division 1 victory.

Dave W