Ladies v Broomgrove (H) - 17/2/14

With a change of venue and time to King Teds on a wet and windy Monday, Ranmoor Ladies took on local friends and rivals Broomgrove.  Our thanks to Captain Sonja for agreeing to the amendments at quite short notice.  With the 'boys' having stolen the clean end of the hall (no nets interfering) the games got under way quickly as time was of the essence this evening.    

Captain Claire was in a confident and buoyant mood, realising on arrival that she had her 'lucky' socks on.  Partnering Karen she got straight down to business with some excellent serves and tactical drops.  Combined with Karen's long game and accurate smashing the opposition went down to a very tidy 21-8!  The second end didn't go there way as they must have over relaxed losing narrowly to 21-23.  Back on track in the third end they won the game 21-11.  Excellent start.

On the court next door Lesley and Helen took to the stage.  In their best start in a while showing some really good movement and understanding they won 21-11 and 21-8.  Next up Cindy and Jane taking on the best Broomgrove pairing.  Putting up a fight in the first 14-21 but ultimately being outclassed to only 8 in the second.  

Before taking on the next pairing Helen departed briefly for another loo break.  But it wasn't a good tactic as we started slow and had a tough game against Ada and partner but managed to take it 21-18, before finally returning to our form to mop up 21-8.  All going well so far 3-0.

In the next phase Cindy and Jane found their feet and strategy to win a crucial game in 3 ends.  They continued to play well and took this new found form straight into the next game.  Without taking a breath they stormed to another win 21-16 and 21-18 to beat Karen and Claire in tying up the match for Ranmoor. 

Losses to the third pair by both Claire and Karen and Lesley & Helen left a final score of 6-3.  It was an impressive and much needed result against a tricky Broomgrove team.  We thank them for games played in a good spirit, despite neither of us liking the confusing blue and white lines (although Ecclesfield not much better). 

Well played everyone.  Thank you to Steve, Clive, Cat and Dave H for their support on the night.  Thanks also to Sam's Mum for the amazing chocolate orange cup cakes that we managed to snaffle.  There will also be a yard sale of a variety of left items including; cake tins, water bottles, a racquet, a pair of shoes and a green coat! 

Lesley K