Comb 2 v Nomads (H) - 3/2/14

Hi Fives all round Monday night as Combined two took their first win.  It was a great team effort on the night with Ranmoor taking it 5-4.  I emphasise team effort because it has to be in the Combined league. It's a difficult format to get your head round sometimes with Mens, Ladies and Mixed all being played at the same time.  We gained promotion on the back of many 5-4 wins 2 years ago.
First up were Cat and Lesley in a slightly different order due to Cindy and Clive being delayed by traffic.  It was fairly tight in the first end, winning to 18 and a little more comfortable in the second end with us winning to 12.
Next up were Andy and Deepak and we know that Andy likes his money's worth, so it was no surprise that it went to 3 ends. We lost the first end to 15, won the second to 12 and teased the opposition  by letting them get to 19 before finishing it off.
Cindy, playing 3rd lady for the first time, noticed that it put her against the strongest lady, which is tough.  Nevertheless the experienced pairing of Cat and Cindy made short work of the rubber by taking it to 13 and 8.
3-0 up out of 3, new territory for us.
Andy and Clive found it tough when their best man came into play and could only manage 12 and 10 in the fourth rubber.
New pairing Lesley and Deepak up next with a tough 3 ender against their 2-2 pairing.  Having lost a close first end to 18, they dug in though and took the next two to 12 and 19.
The 6th rubber was over fairly quickly with our pairing not at their usual best.  4-2 to us, so just one required from the last 3. (same position as against Oakbrook !!)
This time though, Cat and Andy went out and did it in style, sealing the match win with an impressive 16 and 9 win.
After gaining the win, I think we all relaxed a little and unfortunately couldn't get another, with Cindy and Clive going down to 16 and 11 and Lesley and Deepak going down to 17 and 7.
To those who weren't at their best, please don't worry, it happens to us all at some time or other. The team won, that's all of us together.
Thanks to Jane for stepping up to D1 to help out for the injured Claire and Lesley for stepping in at short notice.  And also thanks for the support from D1, it all helps. (or was it so you could come over and pinch our water and custard creams !!!)
Dave H