Comb 1 v Beaverhill (A) - 24/1/14

The friday night before 3 team members flew out for winter training camp in the alps (ski trip jolly) and we faced a tough Beaver Hill game.  Well done at the fixtures meeting rich!   With our side at full strength (so we thought) we were confident.  Unfortunately on the night we only took 2 of the mixed games with Sam and Claire winning one and Rich and Karen beating the other mixed pair, each losing to the pair the other had beaten (work that one out!).   

Having come up short in all of the doubles we were disappointed, however it later transpired that one our gents did have pneumonia and a collapsed lung so that goes some way to a usable excuse for him at least.  Get well soon Mark S and see you back on the court, he says he is ‘bored as owt’ not playing badders with us!  7-2 on the night, 1 ill and another 3 with an eye on their 4am wake up call the next day, hopefully that excuses our loss, and we did beat them at home!

Rich W