Comb 2 v Oakbrook 1 (A) - 14/1/14

In a bid to try and win his first match, coach grandad tried a different lineup for the away fixture at Oakbrook.  They came down last year from D1, so we were expecting a tough game.  Cat and Cindy went on first and in order to have a good warm up decided to take it to 3.

Narrowly losing it to 15, they went back determined and saw off the younger pair to 13 & 12.  Next on were Andy and Clive who couldn't get going against the best pair and went down to 8 & 14.  All even.

Up next were Cat and Lesley who made short work of the second ladies pair to 8 & 14. Meanwhile, Andy and Ravi were close to giving us a 3-1 lead In their  close game. They lost the first to 18, won the second to 19, but lost the third to 13.  2-2

Cindy and Clive went oh so close in the fifth rubber but lost it to 19 & 18.  At this point Gavin , Oakbrooks third man had to pull out with a foot injury. Sad, but that gave us a 4-3 lead.  Needing just 1 from the last 2, we had a real chance of a win.

Not to be though with Cat and Andy coming closest in 3 tight games.  A win to 16, and a loss to 13 had us all on the edge of our seats for the third end but we went down to 15.  Lesley and Ravi were against the better pairing with a very strong lady and could only get to 13 & 9.

Oh well, closest yet against last years D1 team.  Well played to all.  Best wishes to Gavin for a speedy recovery.  Hope it wasn't serious.
 Dave H