Comb 2 v Abbeydale 1 (H) - 6/1/14

Fresh after the Christmas break, Combined 2 looked forward to a re-match with Abbeydale 1, after a close encounter at Abbeydale before Christmas. The previous match, although a 6-3 loss was fairly close in points. In fact 5 points the other way (2 in a mixed and 3 in a ladies) it would have gone to Ranmoor. Bearing in mind Abbeydale came down from D1 last year, it was a great effort.  Realising that, Abbeydale upped the ante by bringing a stronger number 1 man (obviously scared).

First blood went to Abbeydale in the ladies with a very close win over Cat & Lesley to 15 and 19. A tight match all the way with our pair just failing to take to a 3rd end (where we would have won of course!). On at the same time, the 1-2 mens of Andy and Steve found it very difficult to get past the tougher Abbeydale pair and went down to 11 and 15. 2 -0 to the opposition.
In the next round, Cat and Jane came out fighting and although they had found it hard in past games, took the opening game to 18 (ok, we were a bit surprised). The second game was nip and tuck all the way but the opposition just got over the line first with a 22-20 win. Game on. In the decider, with much oohing and ahhing and support from the spectators, it again went all the way with a great win to 18 for us. Well done Cat and Jane.
Whilst this was going on, Andy Cox and Ravi decided to outdo the ladies by also taking it to 3 ends and hogging the end court for the best part of an hour !! In the first end, they teased the opposition by letting them get 19!! (Trying to wear them out no doubt). It didn't work though as the opposition took the second end to 14. In the decider, it again went all the way with the boys letting us all know they had won it 30-29 with a loud "Yessssss" and huge grins. Great win Andy and Ravi. Hi fives all round.
2 All now after the level doubles. Just the mixed to go. In with a chance ??
Sadly not, we went down in all 5 mixed, but not without a spirited fight.
Steve and Lesley took it to 17 and 19
Ravi and Jane made 12 and 17
Andy and Cat came close with 21-10 win but two losses to 12
Ravi and Jane got closer to the second pair with 14 and 16
Steve and Lesley made 14 and 13 in the final end
A 7-2 loss in the end, but with some good performances and no lack of determination from all, it was enjoyable to watch. Thanks to all for their support, it does make difference.
Finally thankyou Abbeydale, the match was played in good spirits.

Dave H