Ladies v Paces (H) - 9/12/13

On Monday the Ladies hosted their second match of the season against friends and rivals, Paces. School exams at Ecclesfield School meant Ranmoor’s usual home venue was switched to King Edwards School but at least we had the whole sports hall to ourselves and could enjoy the luxury of playing on white lines. Paces arrived (all 2 of them) apologising that they could only get 2 pairs out to play with the other pair stuck in traffic. With 3 games in the bag already Ranmoor was feeling confident that we could get the extra two games to win what could be a crucial match.

First up to play was Cat and Cindy. On her debut match after elbow surgery Cindy showed that she’d lost none of her touch and together with Cat played a good solid game, just narrowly losing 18-21 in their first game. Spurred on though, they took the 2nd game 21-19 but unfortunately the third end slipped away from them losing to 13.

With Paces’ second pair still stuck in Sheffield traffic, Lesley and Helen were next up and went on court all guns blazing! They just missed out on the first end to 19 but after a quick post match analysis and a master plan in mind they kept their cool taking their next end to a gruelling 26-24 win. With Helen’s smashing power and Lesley’s super serving and keen eye for exploiting the opposition’s weaknesses, they finally saw off the opposition, winning their 3rd end 21-10 and taking Ranmoor a step closer to winning the match at 4-1.

Despite the hinderance of car breakdown’s and traffic hold ups to contend with Paces’s second pair admirably arrived. Karen and Claire were first up against this strong pair and made a good start only just losing their first end to 18. In the second game they turned the tables on the opposition winning to 18. Alas, with one too many unforced errors they couldn’t quite turn this game into a match clincher and lost to 14.

With still that elusive game to win to take the match, Ranmoor forged on. Claire and Karen were alas unable to take a win from their final game which left it down to our last two pairs;Cat and Cindy, Helen and Lesley to try and grab a win from Paces’ strongest pair.

Cat and Cindy were up first and dropped their first end to 14. The rubber and the match were kept alive by them coming back to take the second end to 19. With no pressure (yeah, right!) to get this last game and win the match for Ranmoor they dug in with fighting spirit and squeezed out a win to push Ranmoor past the winning line. Good work ladies!

The final score was a close 5-4 win to Ranmoor against a very good Paces team.
Thank you to the Paces team for being accommodating re the change of venue/time and for still putting a team out against all the odds. We hope the biscuits made up for it a little!