Mens 1 v Westfield (A) - 23/11/13

Men’s 1 gathered at the home of Westfield (aka Mosborough) on a Saturday morning for another division 1 challenge.  The opposition were the usual group of talented younger players with a couple of wily old veterans to give the average age some respectability.

Sam/Mark were up first, against the strongest pair of the morning, they tried their best but unluckily came up short in 2 tight ends.  On the other court Rich/Dave H were taking on 2 youngsters with the experience winning out in the first end before youth took a step forward and fought back to take the rubber.  Last on in this round of games saw Dave W/Andy take on the wily old foxes of the 3rd pair who proved to be just too tricky as they won out 19 & 16 leaving us once again staring at a 3-0 scoreline.

Next up saw Dave H/Rich taking on the older pairing and win the first end once again before the opposition fought back with a change in tactics forcing our guys to play out of position and unable to counter attack, losing out once more.  Dave W/Andy were taking on the strongest pair and never really threatened in losing out in straight ends.  Sam/Mark did at least pick up a rubber as they defeated the youngest pairing in straight, relatively comfortable, ends.  Once again the match was now gone and only pride was left to play for.

Dave H/Rich took on the strongest pairing, including Rich’s former feathers partner from years before, and were not allowed to get going with the opponents pulling away from mid-game in both ends, wrapping up their day’s work in 6 ends.  Sam/Mark were showing the rest of us how it is done in defeating the 3rd pair to secure their second rubber of the day.  Unfortunately Dave W/Andy again came up short, unable to string an improved performance together to secure a rubber, in losing out in straight ends to the young guns of pair 2.

So another 7-2 defeat and at nearly the half way point in the season the team look to use the experience gained so far to exact some revenge and gain some victories in what is looking like a tough season.