Mens 1 v PMC 1 (H) - 11/11/13

Men's 1 returned for their third match of the season with the visitors being a strong PMC 1 side, one of two teams from this club we'll have to face this season.  For the first time this season captain Sam had a full squad to pick from so opted for the settled pairings of Dave W/Andy C, Dave H/Rich W & Sam/Mark.

With the pairs playing in that order it meant Dave W/Andy came up against the opposition 1st pair initially who included a regular 1st division feathers player amongst their ranks.  Our boys showed a little rustiness in their play, having not played together for a few weeks, and were not allowed to get into their stride by the opponents as they were dispatched 7 & 8.  Rich W/Dave H were having a better time of things however as they took a while to work the opponents out before winning out to 21 & 12.  Last on in the first round of games saw Sam/Mark take on the third pair, our guys doing their usual trick of making it a three ender they lost the first to 12 before bouncing back and winning the other two.  So 2-1 Ranmoor after the first round.

Rich W/Dave H now took on the 1st pair but also struggled to contain them as they went down in straight ends 14 & 17.  Dave W/Andy were playing the third pair and again did not look at their best in losing out 12 & 11, being forced to play the opponents game instead of their own for the most part.  This left Sam/Mark to battle against the second pair, who spent most of the night arguing between themselves, and unfortunately our boys lost out, although again in 3 ends.  With the swing in the rubbers it meant PMC now led 4-2 and we knew only a clean sweep would suffice.

Sam/Mark appeared to have the hardest task but showed their budding partnership has plenty of good points in winning out to 18 in both ends.  Dave W/Andy were showing signs of improvement but unfortunately they could not string enough points together to seal an end in losing 13 & 13.  With the match gone Rich W/Dave H at least salvaged something by beating their opponents in a deciding end.

So overall a 5-4 defeat but both Sam/Mark & Dave H/Rich W took 2 rubbers as a good sign for the future and Dave W/Andy can only improve from the experience as the season continues.  Sam also backed up his claims to continue in the captaincy with a fantastic lemon drizzle cake & flapjack combination, courtesy of his mum Janice (rumours abound that he will be ladies captain next season if just for his cakes).