Mens 1 v Jaguar 1 - 18/11/13

Men's 1 played their fourth match of the season with a full strength side making our way to the most northernly away fixture of the season against fellow promoted side Jaguar 1.  The opposition have become a familiar sight over the years and it was a mostly full strength team that turned out, missing only 1 player who had been injured playing our combined 1 the week before.

With Dave W a little late arriving the night started with Sam/Mark playing as first pair and Rich/Dave H playing as pair 2.  Both pairs lost out in the first ends narrowly before fighting back to level up, unfortunately netiher could convert the position and succumbed again in tight matches (the home advantage of the new surroundings no doubt helping as our guys bedded in).  Dave W/Andy then made their start but struggled to get going against a well organised pair, who blew them away in the first end before a more spirited performance at least saw them into double figures second time out.

So we were immediately on the back foot once again.  With Sam/Mark taking on their next opponents and again going to a deciding end before losing out once more.  Dave H/Rich were also struggling against the 3rd pair, going down in straight ends with Rich finding the court more like an ice rink as he struggled to keep on his feet during points.  With Dave W/Andy again succumbing in straight ends the match was well and truly over at 6-0.

Having now adapted to the away court conditions however our boys fought back to regain a little pride.  Sam/Mark disposed of their opponents in straight ends showing what they really can do when they hit form.  At the same time Rich/Dave H were also taking their game out in straight ends.  Following on in the last match of the evening Dave W/Andy at least broke their duck for the season in securing the first end but couldn't finish the tie off in losing the remaining 2 ends.

So our boys were left to make the long journey home while reflecting on a 7-2 defeat.  Next up is the club formerly known as Mosborough for a Saturday morning match up.