Comb 1 v Beaverhill (H) - 25/11/13

New to Division 1, Beaverhill visited us at home for Combined 1 action. With a mixture of some regular players and few stand in’s for those missing they faced a Ranmoor side at full strength. Despite being promoted from Division 2 last year they had already amassed some impressive wins over tough teams so we proceeded with caution.

Helen and Claire hit the court for the ladies doubles but started slowly going down to 11 before finding some form in the second but still narrowly missing out to 19. Mark and Sam won their first end to 13 with relative ease but then lost out to 17 meaning a third end was needed. They did however pull together and played some classy stuff to win comfortably to 6 in the final end. One a piece!

Game 3 saw Karen and Helen take on a strong pair in the level doubles looking to give us a lead. They won the first to 16 but then lost to 17 meaning a third end was again needed. They pulled through it 21-19 in the end with some great heart shown from the pair.

Mark and Rich went out for their end together and won the first end to 4. Rather than stepping off the gas they pushed hard and achieved a feat the club has never seen taking the second end to 0! 21 phenomenal serves in a row from Mark and some punishing winners from Rich at the back gave their opponents no time to rally and compete for a point. Our boys at their clinical best; well done. 3-1 Ranmoor.

Game 5 pitted Sam and Claire against the strongest mixed pair of the evening. Losing out in the first to 15 they battled back to win the second to 19 before succumbing to 19 themselves in the final end. A great game though against a tough opponent. Game 6 saw Karen and Rich continue their strong start to the season with a convincing win in two ends to 7 and 6. Four ends played by Rich and only 17 points dropped across them all.

Tie 7 pitted Mark and Helen in their mixed for the evening against their opposing number 1’s. Having lost the first end to 18, Mark was in no mood to lose his perfect evening of wins and he and Helen upped their game, going on to win in 3 ends to 17 and 15. 

Game 8 saw Rich and Karen take to the court for the final time that night having both won their first 2 games. They faced the toughest pair on the night and went down in the first end to 16, needing a late flourish to even get that many points. At the turn around they regrouped, changed strategy and came out fighting taking the second end to 14 and the final end in a tense finish 22-20, managing to leave a serve to fall an inch short at 20 all with the opponents serving, taking the initiative and the next point for the tie.

Sam and Claire won in 2 ends in their final game which makes it sound simple enough. Take a closer look at the scores however and it was a really nip and tuck game. Our pair took the first end 28-26 and the second 22-20!

In the end it was a nice 7-2 victory for us meaning we have won 3 out of 4 having only lost to Notts Northern so far, 5-4 away. Well done to everyone for their efforts in what were some very close ends and a lot of 3 setters! Next game Wednesday at Broomgrove!