Mens 2 v Abbeydale 2 (H) - 7/10/13

A much changed Mens 2 team got the home season underway with a match against the promotion powerhouses of Abbeydale 2, who stormed up from the Division below as Abbeydale 3 last year and had only made one change, bringing in one of their established combined players into this mens team. We had been warned by our spy in their camp to expect a combination of power and touch, and we were not disappointed. Their second pair in particular were both scraping their heads on the ceiling as they reached for the shuttle, and with a pro golfer in their top pair, timing the shuttle did not prove a problem! It was a fun match!
Ranmoor welcomes Ravi back into the fold after his one year sabbatical in the first team, a real boost to us ahead of the season, picking up where he left off with long term partner Jethron. Deepak had returned from India and slotted in with Clive. Captain Steve formed a new partnership with Ben after some practice in the last month. All three pairs have a mixture of experience, touch and power – well, that’s the theory!
The disappointment (or pleasure, at pushing experienced teams very close) last season was only winning 10 ends by a 2 point margin, and losing 26. We’ve talked a lot about what experienced teams do in these moments. Unfortunately, this season has started in the same vein, with some very close games seeing 6 “tie breaks”, and Ranmoor only managing to take one of them, courtesy of Clive and Deepak in a rubber that went against them in the end, meaning Abbeydale won every tight rubber and took an unassailable 5-0 lead in the match.
Ravi and Jethron did then beat the Abbeydale third pair comfortably, and Deepak and Clive beat the first pair in similar fashion. Steve and Ben bedded in well together, but followed up one tie break loss against the top pair, by losing two more against the third pair to bring matters to a close, with Abbeydale 7-2 winners. Well done to them. We hope to return the favour with interest in the away fixture. Man of the Match goes to Clive, for battling on with an injured knee and along with Deepak taking one rubber and two further ends. Promising signs! Next up is Graves away, a completely different style of team, but one who are unbeaten against us on their home court – let’s break that hoodoo Ranmoor!