Ladies v Abbeydale Park 3 (A) - 21/4/13

Ranmoor Ladies played our final match of the season comfortable in the knowledge we'd already won the league and secured promotion to Division 1 next year. Looking to complete the season unbeaten, we were hopeful of repeating the 8-1 result at home earlier in the year. However, with changes to both our team and theirs - and with Abbeydale looking to beat Broomgrove to the second promotion spot - it wasn't to prove so easy.

With Lesley and Cat unavailable, Hilary stepped in to play with Jane and they had a tough first game, losing in three ends to Abbeydale's second pair. Cindy and Helen also took their first game to three ends but this time Ranmoor took the point. Claire and Karen missed out against the tough first pair to 12 and 19.

Helen, Hilary, Jane and Claire at Abbeydale
Despite their valiant efforts, Jane and Hilary were unfortunately beaten by both of the other pairs. Helen and Cindy lost to the Abbeydale first pair to 14 and 17, but took their final game to 12 both ends. Karen and Claire also won their other games against the second pair to 6 and 12, then edging out the third pair 24-26, 14-21. 

So a disappointing 5-4 loss to finish the season, but Ranmoor Ladies can be very pleased with our record this year - and look forward to some good games next year in Division 1! Well played everyone!