Committee Meeting 2013

Minutes of Ranmoor Badminton Committee Meeting - 04 April 2013
Venue: 53 Cardoness Rd, Sheffield  S10 5RT

Present:                                                          Apologies:
Claire Evans (CE)                                            Ravi Thevasagayam (RT)
Steve Kelly (SK)                                               Matt Hunt (MH)
Lesley Kelly (LK)
Dave Henry (DH)
Karen Grierson (KG)
Rich Woolgar (RW)
Dave Waining (DW)

Matters discussed
Club Finances

SK advised that for 2012/2013 the club has £100 deficit from takings. This is due to a reduction in the taking up of the annual fee for 2012/2013 and the reduced attendances of those pay and play members.
Numbers Attending Club Night

The club attendance drop off this year was discussed, with Mondays down a lot and Fridays a little.

Possible reasons for this were noted as :
  • The decision to only accept new members above a certain standard of play. 
  • Personal reasons of members e.g. holidays, family/work commitments etc
  • Members comment when team players are selected who do not appear to attend many club nights.
  • Club morale has dropped
  • Bad weather causing cancelled club nights/difficulty getting to club

In addition, specific to Monday night attendance at Ecclesfield:  
  • Monday night club possibly feeling ‘ambiguous’ to members i.e. is it match or club night?
  • Members may be pessimistic about the numbers turning up for club when a match is on.
  • Club Location – Ecclesfield is too far for some members to travel to.
  • Match players finish the match and often go straight home instead of mixing with club players who may have had a poor night for the same money.

Solutions discussed were :-
  • To see if costs could be reduced by booking only half the hall on Monday nights (i.e. 2 courts). SK advised that Interserve would not allow this as they have to pay to staff the hall and it would weaken our negotiating position (redoing the lines etc).
  • To set Mondays as a definite Club or Match night by having all matches at Ecclesfield where possible, and by having more “double headers”.
  • Promote Monday Club nights by advertising in the Ecclesfield area .
  • Keep looking for a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday slot at Tapton School or King Edward.
  • To explicitly state principles behind team selections and outline the requirements of the Team Captains’ shown clearly on the website and as outlined in the constitution. 
  • Issue a questionnaire to club members to reveal any issues club members have with the club which is putting them off attending and to gain any insight into how the committee can improve the club.

ACTION : CE (with input from committee) to produce questionnaire for members

ACTION: SK to email club members advising the 2012/2013 annual subs will cover an extra 4 weeks due to the snow disruption.

ACTION: LK to continue to promote Mondays as a match or a club night, making it clear to all which members are coming, for reassurance.

Matters discussed
New Member Recruitment/Retention

SK circulated figures showing there have been 20 visitors this season, of which 4 have stayed, for various reasons, and a similar number have left who were regular members.
It was discussed that
·       Committee members need to be role models in welcoming new members at club nights and inviting them onto courts to play.
·       RW mentioned the idea of a ‘buddy’ system to look after new members and encourage them to keep coming back to club with personal follow up text/email after their initial visit.
·       Pub attendance after club has reduced and to build back up this social aspect of the club.
·       The coaching had been a great idea this year and to build on this by implementing a more coherent and structured coaching plan, designed by the Coaching Coordinator in liaison with the 5 captains, with the emphasis on voluntary and fun participation, and delivery of the coaching by different people who are the best exponents of that aspect of the game rather than by the same person each week. This action will come after the AGM votes in the post.
·       Keep advertising the club by word of mouth.   

Team Selection

The constitution was discussed, along with the rule on selection based on attendance agreed in the 2012 Committee Meeting, and all agreed this was still the best policy for team selection.

However, based on the attendance figures from October 2012 to March 2013, many members now play more matches than club nights, up from just two the year before. It was agreed to be relaxed about this for the rest of 2012/13 but reinforce the rule from next season, which would have to be captain’s discretion based on attendance to date at that time (e.g. if a team’s fixtures are mainly early in the season, the captain may bear this in mind).

RW proposed creating a ‘Captains’ List’ of duties and to include this rule in the list.
Captains’ List Duties to include: 
  • To aid in the mixing up of games on club night
  • To welcome new members to the club and act as a role model to club members
  • To consult with the Fun League Co-ordinator re handicaps for players
  • To attend the Fixtures Meeting to arrange matches
  • To send out Match Confirmations for all fixture dates
  • To select team players not just on ability but on attendance on club nights also
  • To notify selected team by text / phone of venue and time etc.
  • To organise shuttles, nets and refreshments on home matches
  • To post off scorecards within 2 weeks of the match being played
  • To email match reports and photo to the Publicity and Promotion post holder.

All agreed this Captains’ List would be a good idea and to make these duties clear on the website.

ACTION : SK and LK volunteered to draw up the draft Captain’s List and circulate to Committee.

ACTION : Reinforce the team selection rule next year by emphasizing the importance of attendance within the Captains’ List

Committee Posts

CE, DW, KG, RT and MH are stepping down from the posts of Secretary, First Mens Team captain, Ladies captain, Coaching Coordinator and Fun League Coordinator. DH, RW, SK and LK are standing again as Combined 2 Captain, Combined 1 Captain, Social Secretary, Treasurer, Second Mens Team captain and Publicity / Promotion respectively. SK stated that whilst he would like to do his posts for one more year, he would intend to resign in June 2014 to concentrate on other things, and the Treasurer post may benefit from a Deputy to learn the ropes prior to taking up the post in 2014.

 Of the vacant posts, DH expressed a strong interest in standing for the Coaching position.

ACTION: CE to send out email to members advertising Committee Posts (including a brief role description) and requesting any nominations. The Captain’s List would be added to this email to ensure all members know the club rules that the Captain’s must adhere to.

Matters discussed
Captains’ Night

It was agreed that last year’s Captains’ Night was a great success and to go ahead with organising the event for this year.
Preliminary discussions agreed to try and hold the event at Platillos on either the 22/29 June if possible. 

ACTION: CAPTAINS to organise event and email club members detailing the event. LK to retrieve trophies that were awarded last year.  

ACTION: PLAYER OF THE YEAR nominations from committee members to be emailed to CE. Note that while the Committee vote on this award, a committee member can still be nominated.

Date of next Committee Meeting

The next meeting would be held in September after the new post holders have begun their roles on September 1st. That is the start of the new club year.

Club AGM

The AGM would be held on the last club Friday in June at 9pm.  This is the 28th June 2013 @ Tapton School.  Club night will finish slightly early and all current members are encouraged to attend, ask questions and get involved.  Nominations for the posts and Captains positions will be voted on for the forthcoming season. 


2013 - 2014 Posts and Captains positions
These notes are provided as a guide for anyone considered running for a position within Ranmoor Badminton Club.  The post descriptions are not exhaustive but should give you an idea about what is involved. 

All positions are up for renewal at the Club AGM to be held on the 28th June 2013.  All posts are voted for by those in attendance at the AGM.  If you are interested please send your nomination to Claire Evans, Secretary before 1st June 2013. 

This is the main contact for the club.  They have their full details displayed on the league and local website and are there to field enquiries as the first point of call for Ranmoor Badminton Club.  Additionally they will receive all the required administration for teams to be entered into the league and our membership of Badminton England.  They maintain a list of all members’ details and will share that list with the Committee (especially captains) as required. They liaise closely with the club Treasurer to ensure that all members are fully registered and paid up.  Throughout the year they ensure that the club membership receives details (via email usually) of any events that may be happening locally and regionally.  They field enquiries to Captains regarding fixtures and liaise with the league secretary as necessary.  They must attend and represent the club at the League AGM. 

The treasurer is responsible for the finances of the club and ensuring that fees, subs and payment for all costs associated with running the club are done in the proper and correct manner.  They set the strategy for the club budget including negotiation of the sports hall prices with Interserve and setting of the fee structure for members. They must ensure that subs are collected from members and that local and regionally fees are paid in a timely fashion.  They must maintain the club bank account and provide reports at committee about the current finances of the club at any given time.  They have the final say on funds to be spent outside of matches including the funding of prizes for the Fun League and Captains night.  They also keep attendance details of all club members at club nights, home matches and away matches. Captain’s therefore need to liaise with the Treasurer for these figures as part of the club rules for picking teams. Due to the nature of this post it is important for somebody with a financial background to hold the role.

Social Secretary
The SS is responsible for the organisation of social events outside of playing badminton with the aim of making everyone welcome and encouraging a good club spirit and morale.  They must email all members and collate attendance and where necessary collect deposits and book venues.  Events normally include pub nights after badminton on a Friday at the Ranmoor Inn, Christmas Party, Fancy Dress, Captains Night and a summer BBQ.  In addition trips to bowling, cinema, and restaurants are usually run alongside member celebrations such as birthdays and weddings!  Ideally an event every 1-2 months should be encouraged.  Ideas from club members are always welcome and should be encouraged by the SS on a regular basis. 

Publicity & Promotion
This role includes looking after the membership of RBC by promoting and publicising our match performances, club night play and social events.  They must maintain the club website and ensure that it displays a wealth of information to new and existing members about RBC in a timely manner.  Following initial enquiries they must encourage new members, take down their contact details, ensure they receive the ‘new members info and business card’ and assign a buddy (as necessary).  They must encourage all members to promote the club and sustain the culture and ethos that has been established.  Additionally they encourage the attendance of all at club night and social events and illustrate both with photographs.  They are also responsible for club shirts. 

Coaching Co-Ordinator
This post is responsible for organising a structured coaching programme for club members that is voluntary, informative and fun.  The aim is to deliver a series of coaching sessions by different members of the club to improve the general performance of members as desired.  In liaison with the Captains a list of coaching session to be held throughout the year will be drawn up to provide structure to the season. 

Fun League Organiser
The fun league was introduced to add a more competitive element to club nights, further preparing members for match play.  The aim was to encourage all abilities within the club to play alongside and against each other with the use of a handicap system so that even the better players are challenged.  The fun league rules for each season are set by the organiser and can be as unconventional as you like providing it rewards points based on an individuals’ performance in any given doubles game.  Fancy Dress fun league is an illustration of this.  Fun league games take place on Friday club nights and involve all attendees who wish to play as a season commitment (members sign in at the start of the season or when they join the club).  Prizes are available at the end of the season for this. 

Team Captains
Captains have extensive responsibilities which are detailed in the new Captain’s Code* along with the club’s rules regarding the teams that have been a key part of making Ranmoor so successful recently. The Captains are role models for the club in attendance, play and conduct and are responsible for the team selection and co-ordination of every aspect of fixtures including attendance at the League Fixture meeting in September.  Additionally they will feed into the Coaching Co-ordinator role, fun league handicaps and be present on the Committee.  They also organise Captains Night. While captains often serve more than one year, the club encourages no captain to stay in post for several years so that others are given the opportunity.  

Mens 1 – Division 1
Mens 2 – Division 3
Ladies – Division 1
Combined 1 – Division 1
Combined 2 – Division 2

*Guide for Captains on their roles and responsibilities.