Comb 2 v Stocksbridge 2 (A) - 18/4/13

A Thursday night away trip to Stocksbridge 2 for Combined 2 saw us take on a regular group of opponents.  The night started off well with Ben & Dave W winning out 7 & 11 in their rubber while the ladies of Cindy & Jane took a little longer in taking 3 ends to see off their opponents.  Cindy & Lesley also managed a win in straight ends to put us 3-0 up early on.

At this point the strongest mens opponent, old foe Nigel, came into the match as he & his partner beat Ben & Dave H in straight ends.  Next up Jane & Dave W tried to win their first mixed game but couldn't quite see it home in losing the decider.  Dave H & Lesley were also going to 3 ends, Nigel and his partner winning out over the course.  Cindy & Ben decided this going to 3 ends looked like fun so they also took their mixed all the way before losing out to 16.  Dave W & Jane tried desperately to beat Nigel & his partner but couldn't quite get past them in losing 16 & 19, which meant that Dave H & Lesley beating the 2nd pair was ultimately fruitless as we went down 5-4.

There is still plenty to play for though over the last 2 games so we'll be going all out to get positive results against Nomads & Abbeydale 2.