Comb 2 v Nomads (H) - 22/4/13

Nomads at home were always going to be a tough test.  They are a very consistent team that make few mistakes.  On arrival at Ecclesfield School we learn that they are missing their third lady.  So with Captain Dave H at the helm we started the match 3-0 up.  

Ben and Dave H and Lesley and Cat started the ball rolling with the level double games.  With only 2 points needed to win the match we were hopeful that we could pull it off.  Lesley and Cat were on fire and won the first game convincingly.  Although the second game was tougher as they sussed out Cat had a bad shoulder, our ladies managed to secure the game and won our first point.  Unfortunately Dave and Ben couldn't copy the ladies and lost out.  4-1

With Jane wondering why she had turned up, Dave H and Clive took to the court as did Cat and Ben.  As Nomads started to flex their muscles the pairing lost out in both games to leave it 4-3 with 2 games to play.  Finally Jane got to take to the court with Clive, and Lesley and Dave H tried to beat the top pair.  

With everything resting on these games, Lesley and Dave H just couldn't get the point as they were out classed.  But in a thrilling battle with partner Clive, Jane was determined to get at least 3 games as they took their game to the third end.  With everyone watching and some controversy over scoring the final end reached its climax with Ranmoor just losing out.  

So final score 4-5 to Nomads!  Well done to them in their bid for promotion.