Comb 1 v Paces (A) - 10/4/13

The penultimate fixture of the season for Combined 1 was a game against Paces at their ground. As the season comes to a close we know that in our debut season in the first division we are guaranteed a heady third place, win or lose our last 2 games.

With Helen, Claire and Ravi all missing from the team, Dave H, Cindy and Cat stepped into the first team and gave us almost completely new pairings across the team with the exception of Karen and Rich in the mixed.
Thanks to Cindy and Cat - who squeezed the match in, between her holidays!
We had beaten Paces 6-3 earlier in the season at ours but were sure to have a tougher game as we tried to play the pairs we thought might be most effective. Sam and Dave and Cindy and Cat both came up short in their opening doubles games, whilst Rich and Karen comfortably took theirs on the third court which we had all night.

The next round of games saw Dave and Rich lose out in 3 ends but Karen and Cat got us on the board in straight ends. 3-1 to Paces, mixed to come.

Karen and Rich took their mixed in straight ends giving Karen all 3 wins and a man of the match award. Dave and Cat lost out in two and Sam and Cindy lost out in 3 giving Paces a 6-3 as they try to battle away from the relegation zone. 

Well done to Paces and thank you to everyone who stepped into the team for us.