Captain's Guide

The below is brief guidance to new captains about the responsibilities of the post that the League puts on our club, plus the effect of our club’s formal constitution and any policies that the Club Committee have decided on in the past. Members should ensure they can meet these responsibilities before agreeing to be a Captain.  There is a lot to remember so hopefully captain’s find this aide-mémoire useful – they can always approach another (or former) Captain for advice and support! Team players are also encouraged to read this so they know what is involved.

Ranmoor Team Captains will…..

1)     Select a competitive team for each match, based on the criteria of ability, club night attendance and contribution to the club, whilst also meeting the League requirement for a nominated six players to participate in over 50 per cent of matches. They will also provide timely confirmation and details to those members selected.

2)     Attend the Club Annual General Meeting (usually late June after a regular club night), Committee Meetings in September and April and the League Fixtures Meeting in September. They will also contribute to the organisation of the end of season ‘Captain’s Night’ social event.

3)     Provide match confirmations (using Secretary’s template) a week in advance of home fixtures and ensure it’s received. Equally ensure confirmations are received and acknowledged for all away fixtures. Any postponements should be agreed in discussion with Treasurer and Secretary and only allowed due to hall unavailability.

4)     On match nights,

a.      ensure you have the net bag and shuttles;
b.     encourage the team to wear Ranmoor shirts;
c.      make the opposition welcome;
d.     provide refreshments for both home and away teams;
e.     ensure prompt starts to enable all games to be completed;
f.       complete and sign the scorecard;
g.      take photos for the match report (more unusual the better!) and
h.     collect subs for away fixtures to deliver to the Treasurer.

5)     During matches, lead by example and encourage assertiveness and good sportsmanship within the team, to promote a good image of the club. A home player should call the score audibly, or alternatively a scorer can be requested from the home side.

6)     After the match, post the signed and completed scorecard within one week of the fixture (to avoid club fines) and submit a match report to the Publicity and Promotion post holder for the website (written by someone else if preferred!).

7)     On club nights, Captains will welcome any new members, be a role model to club members in relation to attendance, behaviour and inclusiveness, ensuring a variety of matches are played as well as getting match practice for their team and wearing the Ranmoor shirt!