Mens 2 v University (A) - 15/3/13

A Mens 2 once again riddled with unavailability turned up in trepidation to the University on Friday night, making the most of the lack of club night due to the annual Judo tournament at Tapton. The trepidation was due to whether there would turn out to be a match at all, with the University starting on -2 points having failed to fulfil two fixtures so far this season. Luckily they were there, and were friendly.

With Alastair and Clive unavailable for this one, captain Steve also rested himself with the night not expected to be difficult. We do not have much difference between our players in terms of ability, but the enforced chopping and changing for every game does make settled pairs hard to find, so it was a good chance to give three pairs a game who have played together before in the league this season. The night went very much to plan. Ian and Jethron conceded 60 points across 6 ends, averaging 10 points per end. Rich and Rob 70 points, easing off a bit after their exertions on Tuesday, and Ben and Nathan 56 points.

A comfortable 9-0 win to Ranmoor, with only one end accumulating more than 13 points for the opposition. The "goal difference" now means that we cannot be caught by any of the bottom two, so now need to crack on and try to overhaul one of the other teams to finish mid table. Man of the Match to Nathan for stepping in after an absence and being in the strongest pair.

The plastics team looked to be a bit of an afterthought at the University with feathers being played on the other two courts by loads of players, including one young member of Wisewood's team in our division! Hopefully the University keep this team in place for next season, it is good to see young players in the league, and good for them to have league options available for players at all levels. Their team has struggled this season but should enjoy it next season in Division 4. Good luck to them for that.

For Ranmoor, it is back to home soil (literally, at Ecclesfield) where we play the Drone on Monday for the first time this season. For this one, only Deepak (who has left), Alastair, Clive, Jethron and Arun are unavailable so there should be no problem finding a six!! Some chopping and changing of pairs will have to result, with one pair planned to be reborn from last season! Watch this space!

Top Pair and Scorecard Duties - A Busy Night for Ben