Men's 1 v Jaguar 2 (H) - 25/3/13

Mens 1's final home match of the season was a torrid affair before a shuttle was hit.  The worries about the weekend snow and aftermath saw Ecclesfield school encamp on the sports hall at short notice giving us only a few hours to relocate our match or face rescheduling yet again so late in the season.  Thanks to the negotiating skills of Steve, despite being away in Durham, we managed to get a slot at Tapton but only had a theoretical 1:30 to get the match played.

The opposition were very accommodating in agreeing to switch venues at late notice but were not so impressed with the decision to play the match in home court conditions of the green lines.  With 3 courts available we were straight in to the full set of games.  Rich & Dave H made short work of the 1st pair in winning 7 & 4 whilst Dave W & Andy were making an unusually strong start in beating the 3rd pair 12 & 13.  Sam & Ravi were having a harder time against the 2nd pair, who turned out to be the strongest on the night, having won the first end 21-19 they lost 20-22 in the 2nd and couldn't quite get home in the 3rd losing 19-21. 

With that game taking much longer than the others and time being a factor we started some other matches slightly out of order.  Rich & Dave H took the 3rd pair on and narrowly outdid Dave W & Andy in winning 11 & 10.  Having switched opposition Dave W & Andy were finding the 1st pair a little harder to crack in winning the first end to 14 before battling all the way in the 2nd end to win 22-20.  The time was already 9:30 so only half an hour remained and the score was only 4-1. 

Next up was Sam & Ravi against the 1st pair, they won the 1st end comfortably to 4 but then had a more difficult time 2nd up in losing to 16 and having to come back to win the decider 21-10.  On the other court, now down to 2 due to the games played out of order, Dave W & Andy were looking to take on the strongest pair and were running level all the way before going down to 16 in the 1st end but battled back to take a commanding lead in the 2nd before letting the opposition back in a bit and winning that to 16 (it wouldn't be a Mens 1 match without these two having a tense 3 ender).  The decider was nip and tuck with the sides turning 8-11 before our boys battled back to have a match point at 20-19 then turn around to 20-21 and finally win out 23-21 to complete a clean sweep for Andy & Dave W. 

A pleased Captain Dave W following their promotion-securing win 
With the match secure but running late Dave H had popped down to the office during those games to negotiate a little extension to complete the match.  Sam & Ravi played their last game against the 3rd pair and looked to finish off in style but couldn't get away from the opponents in winning to 17 in the 1st end before a more comfortable win to 13 in the 2nd end.  The final game was Rich & Dave H against the stronger 2nd pair who took the 1st end to 17 meaning our guys had to battle back, they did so in some style in the 2nd end to 14.  This meant the 2nd pair were getting their monies worth with all their games going to 3 ends and once again it was a tough and close match before our guys succeeded to 17 to complete an 8-1 victory. 

With 2 games left to play we have already sealed 2nd spot in the division meaning (subject to the usual league movements) we have secured back to back PROMOTIONS and will start next season in DIVISION 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Bring it on!