Ladies vs Grenhilheg (A) - 13/2/13

Ranmoor Ladies continued their hunt for the Division 2 title away at Grenhilheg last night. Despite some considerable concerns about getting there safely following the snow blizzards and traffic chaos of the afternoon, the game went ahead as planned.

Following a 9-0 win in our previous encounter at Ecclesfield back in November, the Ladies team were hopeful of getting another win notched up.

Cat is a blur she is moving so fast!
With three courts for most of the night, Ranmoor Ladies managed to complete the match in record time, rarely conceding double figures, wrapping up our sixth 9-0 victory of the season!

Thanks to Grenhilheg for some friendly games and a 'great biscuit selection' (to quote Lesley!.....and it was true - Cadburys Shortcakes ARE the best biscuits ever!!).

With just three fixtures left and only four points dropped so far, Ranmoor Ladies are looking to finish the rest of the season in a similar ruthless fashion!