Comb 1 v Broomgrove (H) - 18/2/13

Set to be the toughest home game of the season, Combined 1 came against Broomgrove on Monday night. With Lesley in for Helen and Dave W in for Ravi at number 1 woman and man respectively we played the whole match on 3 courts.

Broomgrove were clearly finding players at the local universities given the young age of the team we faced. They were comprised of some very strong men and technically sound women which made for very effective pairs to face.

Claire and Lesley earned our only point! 
Only Lesley and Claire were able to win a point for Ranmoor in what was an 8-1 defeat, so a special mention for them is warranted. Karen and Rich’s season and a half unbeaten streak was finally ended by some far sharper pairs, managing to take one of them to 3 ends. Sam and Claire were also able to take the same pair to 3 ends but also lost out in both of their match ups.

A great effort by all and again thanks to Dave and Lesley for stepping in with valiant fighting. 4 games left and we sit in third behind Mosborough and Broomgrove, which is beyond all expectations as the promoted side of last season. Let's get what points we can from our last 4 and try and maintain our position in the top league!