Mens 2 v's Wisewood 1 - 7/1/13

Mens 2 returned to action after the Christmas break with probably the hardest home match of the season against Wisewood 1.  We had some tough though victorious battles against their second team last year but this first team were to prove a very different proposition.

Before Steve could decide who was going to play, the calls started rolling in.....Jamie uncontactable, Clive fell ill, Jethron was in Sweden, Rich at his mums (!!) and Rob was injured.  In the end the team was usual pair Steve and Alastair, Deepak with Ian who was making his debut following a "free transfer" from Jaguar, and Nathan with Ben who was also making his debut for the club.

In the end all three pairs acquitted themselves brilliantly against higher standard opposition than some had ever played before. Steve and Alastair were Pair 1 so played the young pair James and Felliani (one for football fans) first - these teenagers get better as each year passes and won the first end, then we won the second end but lost the third. Deepak and Ian played the old top pair first, now playing two, and despite losing in straight ends got respectable scores.  Finally after a wait Nathan and Ben took to the court against one of the usual third pair and old Ranmoor visitor Sandeep who was in for this game.  Our boys won the first then decided to get value for money for their £4 in game 2 but lost 30-29 in a tie breaker that they did not realise was a tie breaker!  Not to be deterred they stepped up and took the third end, so a rubber to Ranmoor!

The second and third set of ends saw Nathan and Ben, playing straight through with no rest, struggle against the top two pairs but still left the hall with heads held high with our only point in combat.  Ian and Deepak lost to the young pair in straight ends, though again pushed them hard, then were denied a third game due to an injury to Sandeep, but at least another Ranmoor rubber. Finally Steve and Alastair finished the night, winning every end facing the green curtain, but losing every end facing the wall! Sadly despite taking every match to three ends they lost all three, with the opposition continually refusing to let us face the lucky green curtain for the entire third end!!

In the end a 7-2 win to Wisewood, a good friendly club who leave with our congratulations and will almost certainly go up after we seemed to steal all the promotions from them last season.  They got us back by stealing the chocolate fingers! But some really good stuff from Ranmoor leaving Steve with tough selection dilemmas for the two crucial home games against Gosforth and Graves, coming up in early February.  Men of the match to Ben and Nathan, who got the point we won on court that could be crucial come May, and showed some real grit and character.  Well done them!