Ladies v's Ecclesfield (A) - 21/1/13

Ranmoor Ladies proved they weren't to be put off their hunt for the title by a little snow (take note Men's 1!), playing Ecclesfield at the infamous Gatty Hall on Monday night.

Having beaten them at home 9-0 in our first game of the season, we were hopeful for a similar result, whilst conscious of the home advantage gained by the 'local conditions' of Gatty Hall (i.e. a low ceiling, a stage and back wall about 2 inches behind both back lines and just a single court making it hard to stay warm between matches - and the distraction of hearing the Slimming World group going on in the next room!).

Brings a whole new meaning to the term 'warming up' !
Helen and Lesley were first up, braving the cold conditions of the hall (leaving Jane and Karen huddled under the blanket Lesley had helpfully brought along!) and beat their first pair comfortably to 8 and 11. Cat and Cindy were up next (who get special mention, along with their chauffeur Clive, for making it to the match), and they had a harder task against the opposition's second pair, losing the first end but going on to take the point in 3 ends. Finally, third pair Karen and Jane won their first game to 15 and 17.

Whilst the pairs sat off were fuelled by Jelly Babies, tea (not during the games!) and learning to ski from the books Lesley had also brought, Ranmoor took the next 3 points as well. Helen and Lesley were taken to 3 ends by the Ecclesfield second pair, losing the first game to 18, then taking the next two to 17. Cat and Cindy won their next games to 17 and 12, and Karen and Jane (panicking we wouldn't get home before midnight!) beat the first pair to 5 and 8.
Clive felt it was only right to have a cuppa too!

In the final round of matches, after winning their first end comfortably, Helen and Lesley were run close but eventually took the second 23-25. Cat and Cindy won their final game before setting off back through the snow to 8 and 12, leaving Karen and Jane to play the final game against the oppositions second pair. Despite winning the first game to 15, they lost the second to 17. Spurred on by the incentive of eating the final Jelly Baby, they re-focused to take the final end to 13.

So, finishing at 10:30, the final score was 9-0 again to Ranmoor Ladies - for the fifth time this season!

Well played all and thanks for turning out on such a cold night! With our current record being 59 points won and only 3 conceded, we are looking to finish the season and take the title in style.