Ladies v's Abbeydale 3 (H) - 11/1/13

On a rare Friday night match fixture at home, the Ladies faced the only team they'd yet to play so far this season - Abbeydale. Against a team with a couple of really young promising pairs, we knew this would be a tough match as Abbeydale had only lost once so far this season and sit just below Ranmoor, at second in the league.

Helen and Lesley and new pairing of Claire and Jane started things off well, comfortably taking the first two ends. Another new pairing in Captain Karen and Cat took 3 ends to defeat the third Abbeydale pair, narrowly losing the first end to 19, before settling down to take the second two ends to 10 and 12. Claire and Jane again easily took their second game to 12 and 12, whilst Helen and Lesley were pushed close against the more experienced third pair, but still winning in two ends - 21-11, 23 -21. Karen and Cat again decided to do things the hard way - with Cat still getting back into the swing of things after a Christmas break extended by injury and holidays abroad - and narrowly lost their second end 19-21, before taking the third end to 15 to defeat the Abbeydale first pair.

With another 9-0 on offer, Ranmoor Ladies went into the final round of games focused on a strong finish. With the first two points on offer taken, Claire and Jane were pushed to 3 ends by the strong third Abbeydale pair, narrowly losing the first to 19, taking the second end easily to 10, then unfortunately losing to 12.

Special mention for 'dizzy moment of the night' goes to Jane for thinking she d broken her racquet going on for the final game, and wondering how she d done it, before realising after the match she d picked up Dave Henry s racquet by mistake!

So with another good win under our belts, against our main opponents for the league title, Ranmoor Ladies have made a good start to 2013 - next stop, Gatty Hall....!